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What does it cost us to capture local seo packages our readers in a short span of time and to positively confirm the appeal of our website? It can then continue literary. However,: if the reading becomes too tedious, only those who are interested in the topic or the author will be left. As a reader-oriented blog author, we write the most important content and statements to the beginning of the article, similar to a classical newspaper article. Within the first, characters we outline the topic and show that the text provides exactly the information the visitors were looking for. If we can reinforce the message of our online text with pictures or video, then we do that the reading of the text, the photos and the moving pictures are relaxing.

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At the same time, visual content helps us to invite online users to visit our website. More on this later. With regard to the reading habits on the web, we design and structure our content. The following is an overview of the content of this book: ƒ subtitles h, etc. Are used to separate sections and provide keywords to the search engine. ƒ highlights strong, italic draw attention and highlight important words for the search engine ƒ list lists give overview and structure ƒ short paragraphs with a maximum of seven lines illuminate only one aspect of the topic ƒ quotes block quote highlight thoughts of other authors ƒ links href in the flow text recommend in-depth content, the text in the corresponding alt tag supports mouseover. In addition to the structure of the online text, which is recognizable at first glance, the style of writing and the choice of words contribute to the easier access to texts on the internet.

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For this reason, we are also looking at our manuscripts at this level: ƒ sentences without subsidiary sentences do not help to lose the thread online ƒ word spellings follow the spelling, but split up compiled german word terms ƒ common terms replace complicated if possible, the online vocabulary of the university of leipzig further ƒ active writing uses concrete verbs and avoids auxiliary verbs, passive formulations, full words, or popular nouns in the technical language. ƒ text scope of a contribution is as long as necessary but also as short as possible. By the way: the old recommendation to always use a keyword in the text is with the further development of the search engines fortunately.the algorithms of the search engines determine thematically related words and use them to evaluate the content. Readers like search engine like a diversified choice of words by using synonyms and related words. Since we give so much trouble with the design of our website- with the descriptive elements to an online page, we often leave behind. These are the so-called meta tags and the names professional seo services agency of our used photo files. Many online writers are thus unaware of how a searcher is attracted to our contribution.

Let's start with the pictures in the article. Man is a visually click this imprinted essence, our eyes are our most important sense organ. Seeing is our so-called guiding spirit. Studies on facebook show a link recommendation with well-chosen thumbnail to the post attracts more people to the site than an image less link. So what do we do to invite our readers in a friendly way: we illustrate our blog contributions and professional seo services agency provide suitable textual information for the bots when it comes to date drawing and the additional information on picture elements. In a google search results page, our pages will play first impressions exception is the google image search or the preview of the listed page.